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Civil Optical is a one-stop eye care center to meet all your needs.
We also offer various lens options, Color Contact lenses, and Crazy Contact lenses.

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Eye Exam

Comprehensive and unique eye examination

No matter how healthy you are, it is important to have routine eye exams.

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Eye Care for Children

Some professionals approximate that 25 % of school-aged young people have vision troubles. Based on accepted opthomalogist standards, all children should have their eyes examined at 6 months of age and annually after that.

Eye Care for Adults

An annual eye test is needed for any adult no matter if they wear eyeglasses, contact lenses or not. If you do not normally need vision modification, you still need an eye examination every year up to the age of 40

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During a full eye test, your eye doctor will not just establish your prescription for glasses or contact lenses, he will also inspect your eyes for typical eye illness, evaluate exactly just how your eyes interact in tandem and also evaluate your eyes as a sign of your total wellness..

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