Contact lens fittings and education is provided by our Optometrist and Optician. If you never thought you can get those contact lenses in your eye, you can receive all basic and necessary relevant needs.

  • To instruct and practice on insertion and removal.
  • To provide contact lenses samples and starter kits.
  • To instruct how to clean, disinfect and storage.
  • To measure the accurate relevant parameters.
  • To follow up with contact lens wearing problems.

During a contact lens fitting session, you’ll receive a consultation, measurement of your eye surface to evaluate fit and comfort; instructions and practice on inserting and removal of the contacts and care instructions.

We carry various types and brands of Contact lenses which can fit almost any prescription and astigmatism. We offer hard and soft lenses and stock daily’s and monthly contacts.

We have the majority of the Rx breathable contact lenses available in the store. So you will be able to get your contact lenses supply with proper parameters in one visit.

We also offer

Premium lens options, Colour contact lenses & Safety eyewear.

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Eye Checkup

No matter how healthy you are, it is important to have routine eye exams.